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Intermodal Owner
Operator Jobs

Gain access to the freight consistency, home time variety and flexibility you want. Drive your business forward when you contract with the largest company-owned intermodal fleet in North America.


Intermodal Advantages

Owner operators contracting with J.B. Hunt Intermodal have access to private express gates, which can reduce your wait time in the yard. Eighty percent of our intermodal freight is no-touch, providing you with a safe and comfortable driving experience from start to finish. We also work with companies to offer you access to a wide variety of advantages that can help you reduce your operating expenses, like voluntary third-party health insurance, fuel and tire discounts, roadside assistance and more.


More Advantages


No Forced Dispatch

When you contract with J.B. Hunt’s Intermodal division, you’ll have access to one of the largest and most consistent freight bases in the country, which means more freight hauling opportunities for your business with no-forced dispatch. You have the freedom to choose the routes that work for you.

Mileage-Based Payments

Under our mileage-based payment terms, owner operators driving intermodal receive consistent weekly settlements based on a defined number of cents per mile for each load hauled. This means you will typically receive compensation for both loaded and empty miles, permits and tolls. You can plan and manage your runs through the J.B. Hunt DRIVE app, and with the support of a Capacity Coordinator.

Consistent Home Time

We understand home time is important to truck drivers, and know you want to have the option to spend more time with what matters most. With local and regional intermodal contracting jobs available across the nation, choose a route that meets your unique home time needs.

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“They always keep you busy. The pay rate I think is good, and everyone I work with in the office … they help you out a lot.”

Tomas, Intermodal
Owner Operator

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